February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

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Well, its March 1 and its time to decide who won the monthly challenge.

All of the entries were excellent! However, there were four that really stood out to me. In no particular order, they were:


If I could give all four of these entries the win, I would because each of these entries were unique with their own flair that reflected the skills, creativity and attention to detail of the person who made them. So, my sincerest congratulations to all four of you for your fantastic entries!

However, the winner for this month's challenge had a very slight edge over the others that was just enough to give them the win. The attention to detail, the choice of ingredients and the meticulous prep of ingredients made the ever so slightest of differences that distinguished this entry from the other three. Given the extraordinary effort that went into the other three, it becomes glaringly apparent how difficult it was for me to decide the winner.

So, the winner of the February Cooking Challenge is mike9 mike9 . His use of shrimp shells to make a fish stock and the thinly sliced scallops and shrimp that were cooked in the bowl by the hot broth was just enough to put this entry over the top.

So, congratulations to mike9!

Thank you all for your hard work and your incredible entries!

Cheers! :)
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I didn't expect to even be a runner up.

This video was in my YouTube today. Topical and quick and an easy approach.


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