February 2016 CHallenge - Three Part Harmony: A wrapper, a filling, a sauce

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I'm going to try something a little different this month. I've been kicking around this idea in the back of my head for a while, let's see what happens. The most difficult part may be coming up with an appropriate cover photo.

Basically you start with a wrapper. Like pie dough, pizza crust, a lettuce leaf, tortilla or crepe. Then you put a filling in it, like cheese or crab meat or fruit. Then add a sauce, either inside the wrapper or put on top. Or just on the side as a dipping sauce.

Examples with the sauce inside would be a calzone, a gyro with tzatziki, or a beef and onion gravy Cornish pastie. Outside sauce would be like a smothered burrito, a relleno with red chile sauce like I made for the January challenge, or perhaps a crab and cream cheese omelet with hollandaise, a jelly filled glazed donut.

Spring rolls are a good example of a sauce on the side, or maybe a scoth egg with a zingy mustard. I imagine it would be easy to come up with a sushi plate that had an inside sauced roll, an outside sauced roll and a dipping sauce roll.

I see all sorts of savory dishes and perhaps more excursions into the sweet side this challenge. Like chocolate eau claires.

And such a concept applies to pretty much every cuisine on the planet, so there is a lot of inspiration out there.

So simple requirements - a wrapper ( preferably edible, corn husks and banana leaves can be used, but ... ) a filling, sweet or savory, and a sauce.   Three components singing in harmony.

Let's see what sort of symphony we can create.

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You are one evil man . . . . . . . just sayin' n /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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 Do dumplings and wontons count? I'll be making some to celebrate Chinese New Year's :D
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I herewith humbly announce the winner of the February Challenge: Ordo (that's me).

The winner dish? Beef fried empanadas with Argentinean chimichurri.

En garde!
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Nope, sorry folks, HERE'S our winner!

Stuffed Cabbage

I lined the bottom of the pot with the stray

bits of cabbage, shredded, along with 1/2 c. chicken broth, 

homemade of course

steamed the cabbage leaves and removed the

tough, thick ribs

The filling was simple:

1/2 lb. 93/7 ground beef


sweet peppers


smoked paprika




roll, tuck, into the pot seam side down

crushed san marzano tomatoes on top

bake, covered at 375 for about 40 minutes

My husband is not watching his

calories, so he has the rice that 

would have gone into the filling

on the side. We both had a side

salad to round it out
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Hmm I have been hungry for chimichangas smothered in a beef/onion gravy... or maybe a nacho cheese sauce...
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I was thinking of making pasties again,,,,,, maybe this weekend. Does ketchup count as a sauce? Gravy on a pasty is pot pie in my mind.
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Boy, K Girl's cabbage looks just right for a cold winter's evening, might have to make some myself soon.

I like spring rolls, I like burritos.

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Looking good guys!  I may have a day off this weekend to tackle a dish for the challenge, really excited about it!
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I had left over roast beef and some ham.  I slivered both along with onion, bell and jalapeno peppers.  I sweated the onion and peppers then added the already cooked meat along with seasoned sauce I threw together and let that do its thing.  Darn my tortillas are past prime!!  What's a cook to do??  No problemo we have chickens . . . so I made omelette tacos with goat cheese - damn this was good.

@teamfat  - yes that is a gin and tonic my friend  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif
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