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    Feasgar mhath from Cape Breton.

    I'm a crusty, ill-tempered, retired old curmudgeon now living a life of bliss and happiness in a small fishing village on the rugged shores of this beloved rock in the sea. I keep telling folks that I'm retired, but I keep getting asked to do stuff. Being retired isn't all its cracked up to be.

    Which brings me to this forum. I have a specific culinary question and I'm hoping the collective know-how here might offer offer a few creative solutions. I'll just go have a look around and find my bearings.

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    Welcome,  i have no problems with curmudgeonly people, I expect to become one myself in later years!

    we have all levels of culinary skills on here and our membership is gathered from around the world. There are lots of interesting articles, reviews, photographs and recipes here.  All are worth spending time to view.

    so, what's your question?  Just post it in the appropriate forum anf I suspect an answer will be obtained in short order.

    hope to seeyou around the boards

    Ishbel, native of Old Scotland!