Favourite 'sturdy' soups?

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I make quite a few soups - have always enjoyed making and especially eating them - and very soon we will be putting a daily soup alongside our signature chili on a self-serve counter in our store.

So my question is this: Which of your favourite/most-well-received soups do you think will stand up well to hot holding on a counter for several hours?

I do plan on keeping the serving pot fairly small and refilling as necessary, but there may be times where the customer lull is enough to leave the soup untouched for an hour or so...
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Lots of soup threads on here regarding the same thing about soups that will hold...just need to go to the search box and type in soup.

My favs which should hold:
1. Cream of Pumpkin
2. Leek & potato
3. Minestrone (might be a bit finicky with the pasta)
4. Creamy Tomato
5. Country Veg
6. Chicken & corn
7. French onion
8. Pea & Ham
9. Chicken broth with chicken forcemeat balls
10. Hot Sour soup
11. Scotch broth
12. Roasted tomato and roasted capsicum
13. Cream of Mushroom

There ya go - a Baker's Dozen.

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My family and friends always enjoy my traditional Scottish soups

Cock a leekie
Scottish lentil
Scotch broth
Poacher's broth
Pea and ham
French onion (don't laugh - Scotland and France formed the 'Auld Alliance, centuries ago - much to-ing and fro-ing of recipes!)
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Mulligatawney with Lentils
Cuban Black Bean
Wild mushroom and Barley
several variations of beans or lentils with winter greens
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Those all sound like great recipes... thanks much.

Thanks DC, I did try to use the search but perhaps I tried to be too specific.

Yesterday I did a pork and white bean soup in a pork broth with just some fine diced mirepoix, thyme, and seasoning. It was simple and tasty and the beans held better than I would have thought. :)

A cream of broccoli did ok, and a Thai style pepper and beef broth just got better as it rested. If only I could figure a safe way to let the customer's pho thier own beef...

I wonder about the Scotch broth. Would the barley not go gooey?
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