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Thought I'd get a thread going about favorite channels for learning techniques and recipes. Though I'm a horrible cookbook addict, I've found myself turning to YouTube especially for learning more about non-Western cuisine.

Some current favorite subscriptions:

Chef Wang Gang - Always a lot to learn here, and watching him prep and stir-fry is like watching Mozart play piano. Particularly recommend his stocks and hot-pot videos, if only to appreciate the work that goes into the prep.

Chinese Cooking Demystified - Guessing a lot of people on here know Steph and Chris, and can't get enough of how thoughtful and informative they are. I always learn something new. I subscribe to their Patreon as well, which at $1 seems like a no-brainer.

Dianxi Xiaoge - Beautiful videos about harvesting, cooking, and eating in Yunnan, featuring an amazing dog.

What are some of your favorites?


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On the cooking topic:

Chinese Cooking Demystified Detailed instructions on Chinese Cooking They'll be self-publishing a book--most content pre-posted on Patreon. Some patreon content is free. Self-publishing because of how much control they want over the process and timing.
Souped up Recipes Detailed instructions on Chinese Cooking, but more westerner friendly She has a book coming soon.
Taste Show High quality Chinese to Pan-Asian cooking, limited English subtitles.--really an ad to get you to subscribe to their website to get the recipes. But If you see something you like, you can wing an estimate by watching the video a few times.
Xiaoying Cuisine Very Home-style cooking in Chinese with some English text description Another one where you'll have to transcribe your own recipe from the subtitles. Automated translation runs a bit odd from time to time.

Lesser Channels but subscribed. I don't watch all of the content that comes through these.
Taste of Asian Food--I think he's based in Singapore/Malaysia but mostly cooks Chinese/Nonya cuisine. Recipes seem a little more idiosyncratic than other similar cooking. Still educational., recipes in the description or sometimes a web site.
Spice and Pans Similar to above, but a bit better production and content. Usually recipes are available on a website
Made with Lau. Quite good content, but highly chatty.Signal to noise suffers. Recipes available on website
Cook with Mikey. Mike Chen, increasing volume of content now as his focus shifts from travel. Pretty good recipes. I follow his other food focused channels, not his paranormal stuff. His life is in transition (just married) and he is thinking this will become an increasing focus. Ingredients usually in description, but you'll have to generate your own instructions most often. You'll encounter some of his cooking early on in Strictly Dumpling before that became more travel food centric. A lot of that has been moved over I think. See also his Pho the Love of Food, but that seems pretty dormant now. Involved in a few different restaurant startups.
Aaron and Claire Korea to Pan-Asian, Korean centric. Usually simplified things, but plenty of good ideas along the way. I don't cook from this much, mostly harvest ideas.
Esslust In German, usually convenience Germanic cooking. Somewhat language practice, somewhat cooking, often skipped.

Watch when in the suggested videos that interest me
Flo Lum
America's Test Kitchen
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
Rick Bayless
Chef Elizabeth Haigh
--Uncle Roger videos--often food related humor, drifts a bit blue most episodes.

Edited to add
School of wok. I watch most of Jeremy's stuff but less lately as his staff have featured more. Channel has become more Pan-Asisn . Most recioes were on his site but that is less and less the case now. Jeremy Pang has two worthwhile cookbooks.
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