Favorite work snack

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when i'm working on something at home i usually go for some cheese.
Tea at least every couple of hours, with sugar and milk.
Crackers (saltines, with the salt).
When i work i usually don;t get a full lunch hour but five to ten minute breaks every hour, and my lunch becomes my snack. A half a peanut butter and honey sandwich on homemade bread. A few crackers. A tangerine. Bread and butter and radishes. A leftover piece of roast chicken. Lots of tea, a constant companion by my chair. In the afternoon I like these simple cookies that are like petit beurre, but not buttery, really very simple, no particular flavor, not too sweet, and very compact (oro saiwa). I like them dunked in my milky tea.
Sometimes i like a can of mackerel right from the can.
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I'm in charge of snacks for my coworkers next week.

...I think I'm going to stay away from vegemite through ;)
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My fist cooking job was in a dive Irish pub and grill. The "chef" there probably weighed a good 320 lbs. We kept a 6th pan of clarified butter next to the grill with a brush in it. We used this instead of pam spray. That brush touched everything from raw chicken, raw burgers, and pretty much anything else that went on the grill. Well this guy would sit there all day long dipping biscuits into that 6th pan and eat them! Oh, and yes he would double and triple dip depending on how many bites it took.

As far as myself goes, it all depended on where I was working and what station I was on. Most often I snack on my mise en place. But depending on where I happen to be working and what position I hold, it is not uncustomary to make a "special" snack for the workers. If there is a little bit extra of a really nice product then why not make a tasty treat for the coworkers? Keep moral up after an *** kicking!

All depends on what's lying around you know. Like we used to save all the scraps from a tenderloin or a strip for our ragu and carpachio. We would freeze them you know? But there would be times that we had such an abundance in the freezer that it would be acceptable to marinade some chunks of meat and grill it all up for the staff. The chef always called those Scooby snacks. Maybe we weren't going through enough bread, and had some extra dough...well the staff gets pizza that day. But really as far as a personal snack goes, it really depends on the mise en place at hand! Usually ends up being a very small scale menu item, or even a small scale combined menu item.

But most often you will find food handed out to you in snack form as a here try this. Followed by a what do you think?

My snack's that get me through the day are usually withing arm distance like I said :) Might be an olive, or a slab of bacon. Could be some fried eggplant, or a new yourk strip the prep guy ****ed up LOL (that's the excuse anyways).
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I hit up the local Asian supermarket and just get a bunch of stuff.....from Instant Ramen, to green tea pinapple cookies/cakes.....to nuts to Pocky.
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Back when I had a real job at the U of Utah, our group almost always had wasabi peas or Kettle salt & black pepper chips on hand.

Now that I don't have a job, I can't afford to eat.

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Brizzal....that guy still alive? It's hard when you can't kick up against individual kitchen practices, specialy if it may mean your job on the line - but that sounds bad. Big bad boy waiting for a big bad coronary (sp?) attack.

P.S. oh c'mon Abe, don't knock the vegemite till you've tried it. Tastes like beef stock powder on steroids :D
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Actually I think I might like vegemite, but my coworkers probably wouldn't. Someone else told me vegemite tastes like anchovies.
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I have heard many bad things about vegemite...hahahaha!!! I usually snack on really bad stuff: chips, cookies, the like. I need to have more good stuff in the pantry and fridge so I can have some healthier snacks. A little cream cheese/lunch meat roll, almonds, peanut butter, raisins, etc...
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It kind of does - extremely salty - and I enjoy both. Its got a consistency not unlike petroleum jelly. But on its plus side, it has heaps of the B vitamins. And it has only 5 Cal. per tsp :peace:

What I also enjoy for a snack is those instant powdered Cup-a-Soup. Sachet, hot water, stir and slurp :) Many varieties out there, and so easy to take with you and make.
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Leftovers from last night's dinner with rice. I make a little bit of extra so I can have some for the next day....then I can cook some fresh dinner for tonight...'happens almost everyday...:mullet: It's just me -- a habit, very baaaaaaaaadddddd habit.
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My job picked up a campaign for the people at Dean's Dip last year so we have plenty of Pretzel Dip around the office so i usually just buy chips and enjoy the dip we got lol.

I have become quite the Dean's Dairy Dip fan, the aforementioned pretzel dip and guacamole are like my favorite dips these days.
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salted peanuts and high cafeine soda

sardines from the can (in olive oil) with store brought hummus

any leftover meat or fish, some mayonaise and asplash of hotsauce with brown rice and corn

tea tea coffee tea coffee tea
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i love beef jerky. if i can get my hands on some i go through them pretty quick. not the ones from supermarket, but the ones you buy by the 1/4 pound at some specialty place.

i also like bananas (easy to eat and no clean up after), and nuts
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