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We have often discussed such topics as our favorite food memories, restaurant experiences, I was wondering what are some of our favorite wine experience (if we can remember them).

For me it was when I was living in France working at the restaurant Jaques Guy in Bourg En Bresse France. It is a small restaurant with one Michelin star that prepares very traditional French food. I learned quite a bit while I was there but one of the most memorable times for me was when the executive chef, the matre d (sp), and the head waiter took me along for the tasting of the wines for the spring menu.

The day started early around 8:00 with them picking me up at the restaurant. We made for the first winery and there we only tasted about 5 wines. One I remember was a grand cru and was one of the best wines I have ever tasted. While everyone was spitting out I couldn't bear the thought of spitting these wines out (something I would regret later). After this we went to the next cellar (sorry I cannot remeber the names) and there we tasted about 25 different wines it was very intense and I totally felt out of my league. Still it was a great experience.

After this they took me for lunch at a local place and what did they do? They order a big bottle of cabernet and I just couldn't believe it I thought after all that tasting they would want a break for their palates. If that was not enough we had one more stop and that was the last winery where we tasted another 15 or 20 wines.

When all was said and done my I couldn't taste anything after that and was amazed that they could even tell the difference between the wines.

We ended the day by the three French men taking me trout fishing. While I (an experienced fisherman) was working the stream and realling them in I discovered something very funny. As I made my way back towards the Frenchmen I discoverd the three with NO fish, but a basket with bread, and an open bottle of red wine. I finished my day with two fish and a glass of red......
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My story is not as fancy as yours ( French chefs by the river oh la la!!)

A friend of mine after long studies in Business administration , decided to leave behind all that and go to the village of his father in Arcadia, to create a vinyard.

He planted with his own hands 10.000 roots!

The first year that he produced grapes, we went to help him harvest and it was a big event in our parea.

By Christmass time , the first wine was ready and he organised a ceremony to open his first - ever barrel.

The wine is called Moshofilero and it has an appellation.

We cooked every traditional dish of Arcadia.

From pork with herbs and lemon sauce to cod fish in the oven with raisins and of course the famous Arcadian lagoto (remember? I gave you the recipe).

We tried to immitate a Greek Symposium and we were "crown "with wreaths made of grape leaves and the topic of the discussion of our Symposium was what else? " On the virtues of Arcadian Wine" LOL

Of course we drunk a lot.

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New Years' Eve, 1993.
I was working in Sun Valley for the winter. I was working two jobs, I waited tables during the day and was a Sous Chef at an upscale bistro at night. My day started at 7am with a packed house at my day job. It was blizzarding outside so the tourists decided to eat and shop instead of going skiing so the restaurant was slammed all day. I was supposed to be off by 3pm to go to my other job to start my prep and ended up racing out the door at 4:30. Because of the blizzard, the food order for our New Years' Eve dinner was in a truck that slid off the road, the chef was busy re-writing the menu to what we had on hand, the kitchen was a zoo since none of our prep sheets were correct now. And this was a $65.00 per person price fixe meal. We got everything straightened out by dinner at 6pm, a little late, but nobody seemed to notice. We were busy. I did'nt even have a chance to look at the clock till almost 11pm. Then one of the busboys comes into the kitchen and starts in on a bottle of peppermint schnapps to start the evenings' festivities. At midnight he empties the rest of the bottle into 8 water glasses as we hear the customers ring in the New Year, we each down our triple shot of schnapps. Yuk. So a moment later, the owner comes into the kitchen brandishing two bottles of Cristal, wondering why we all have this funny look on our faces....
I waited for my palate to clear from the schnapps and we got into the Champagne. By now there is another 4 bottles of Champagne and a bottle of Lafite '85 waiting for the kitchen. Then a bottle of Dom. By the time the last cover went out @1:30am, the kitchen staff was plastered. 14 bottles of Champagne. And the Lafite(what a waste of Lafite, but hey it was open). Somewhere around 2:30am I last remember being propped up in a chair by the fireplace in the lobby, a glass of champagne falling from my hand and a few of my co-workers trying to decide who was sober enough to drive me home. I somehow got home and to bed and had to be back to work waiting tables at 7am. I got up at 6:30 still wasted, but made it to work on time. Even after taking a shower I smelled like Champagne. It was coming out my pores....I made good money that day. I figure they were giving me "mercy tips".
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Not sure this applies...

As most know - the legal age to purchase liquor in most of the US is 21. When I was 17, I bought my parents a pair of bacarrat (sp?) crystal sherry glasses for their wedding anniversary.

It was my first real job, you know....

At any rate, I had also just finished reading a book about Spain and sherry. So, I went to the liquor store to buy a bottle or two...and I talked to a nice man about Orloso and Fino sherries. We actually had a lovely conversation and I picked out two bottles and went and paid for them. I wrote a check...and used my valid driver's license as identification. Walked out the door, got in the car....and realized.....

I'm only 17.

Oye! What cheek!!!

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My favorite wine is the one I still judge all Cabernets by - It was a 1974 Robert Mondovi private reserve. It was perfect. The meal was good also as was the company but, I will never forget the taste of that wine as long as I live.
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I don't know if this is going to work or not, But I want to thank Nicko for helping me with this tech stuff ;)

This is a party I catered 12 years ago this month for a high ranking Deuch bank Executive in his CT home.

This man has the most incredible wine celler I have ever had the pleasure of playing in :)

He would decide on the wines he wanted to share with his guest and then I would develope a menu for him.

For me the greatest part of these dinners we're that although I was going crazy in the kitchen, I was always givin a glass or two of each wine.

I hope to post some pictures of some of the wines from this paricular event.

BTW...a friend of mine wrote the menus, so you can't blame me for the type'os ')
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Nice menu CC I like the duck and finishing course and felt a penge of jealousy over the lists of wines although I wondered what the main difference between the 75 and 79 cristals were.
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Dear Fodigger, I just reliesed I can click on the image and it blows up :D
I'm not to swift with this techy stuff.

You know thses two wines were quite similar in a couple ways.

They both had perfect acidty, the 75 had a creamy bouquet, where the 79 had a fresh baked bread aroma.

The 75 was very elegant, while the 79 had quite a long toasty finish.

I hope that helps
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Thanks CC. for the info. it is the only one I drink as I'm not a huge fan of champagne in general. I do enjoy a bottle every year though on my anniversary.
On another note, I must state that in general I really enjoy your menus/ideas with food. You think of some unusual combinations of flavors and textures, some maybe a little too far out for me yet enjoyable to think about. It is very often that while we often differ in our approuch we end up with great food. I wish that I was closer to the East Coast so I could stop by and enjoy some of your food.Maybe next year, as we will be busy this year building our new rest. and hotel. Anyway I just wanted to say Brad that your food excites and motivates me to get off the statis quo and try new ideas if only to keep my self fresh. Thank You.

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