Favorite staff meal options

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So what are some of your favorite staff meals to make/eat? Even if your restaurant doesn't do staff meals you know what I mean, using some of the cheap/common/leftover foods. what do you do to make them special?

My restaurant usually has some risotto leftover so we usually eat some variation of that along with something else. Make all types of stuffed chicken and awesome foods I don't know how to pronounce from brazil. I swear half the time we are eating better than the people in the dining room.


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We were always 'lucky' enough to have cooks that hated the staff so we always have bad meals with an occasional shining light.

Memorable ones were

meatcakes- all the scraps pureed and baked on a sheetpan cut into squares. sheetcake-meatcake, BUT they had cheese on them.

Sheetpan omlettes- same as meatcakes but with eggs.

meatloaf stack- all the old meat made into meatloaf and baked in cake pans then layered with mashed potatos. It was about 1 foot high and looked like a disgusting wedding cake.

vegetarian suprise---- there was meat in it,

hardboiled eggs in mayonaise and mustard, like egg salad but DIY chopped eggs.

mancakes-giant pancakes made in a paella pan- 'cause cooking 1 big pancake is a lot easier then many smaller ones.

broccoli-tastes and textures. you can figure that one out yourself.

veneson burgers--the chef killed the deer in his yard that morning and brought it to work. Good stuff.

The daily bread- the baker took all the staff meal ingredients and mixed it into bread dough and made loaves with it, supposedly it had everything you need nutrition wise. That and a glass of water- we were all set for that Saturday night service.

My favorite meals

Small staff pizzas always a favorite

garlic cheesy bread

Any kind of potato skin not fried.

My current job allows us to order an inexpensive menu item for mealtime or purchase an expensive one at cost. My previous job is the one that served the above mentioned meals.

I have to say a bad staff meal will set the tone for the nights service, like an employee with a bad attitude.
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hey Rat thats some funny stuff....I showed your post to my empolyee meal guy (pm broiler) and he could really relate.....needless to say he is planning his employee menu for the next week....should be interesting...LOL
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Lately i've been taking the ends of the strip that are headed for the grinder, bucking out the sinew & making staff wellingtons. Various other leftovers find their way in there as well. Grilled portobellos, peppers, goat cheese, etc. People really dig food wrapped in puff pastry.

Personally for myself it's the quinoa wrap. Quinoa, beef(i'm a protein addict), veg, greens & curry vinaigrette. Low fat, high protein, tastes fantastic.

I never understood why staff would consume 1/2 a pound of cheese on a pizza before dinner service.
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Mac and cheese!!  Its easy for me maybe because I work in a pasta joint, but mac and cheese is good and easy!! Any pasta will do (well almost), and with a little pancetta, thyme, bechamel and some good cheese, voila. Ten minutes in the oven in a 2 inch hotel and you got some happy co-workers.
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