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As I am reading though Anthony Bourdains book Kitchen Confidential I enjoyed the chapter on "How to Cook Like a Pro". He talks about different ingredients and why they are used by professionals. Ingredients such as shallots, chives, garlic, etc. Got me thinking about what is my favorite ingredient and I would have to say my all time favorite ingredient is butter
To me it is the glue that keeps everything together. Although I am also very fond of Sea Urchin Roe and using it to prepare a sea urchin roe buerre blanc.
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sea urchin roe is heaven! for baking i must say my favorite ingredient is sugar. it carmelizes, it acts as food for yeast, it makes crumb tender, it acts alone and in harmony
Don't tell Dr. Atkins! or Jack La Lane!
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Your right, butter is better!! In my case give me a properly prepared satiny,gelatinous veal stock,Fresh picked herbs and saffron and I,m a happy camper.
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unfortunately, i cant narrow it down to a few things.

i do like amongst other things,

1) Fresh thyme, indispensible.
2) good veal stock
3) very good types of chocolate
4) Honey - for sweetening everything!

p.s. we have a type of honey called "Sugarbag" which is made from native australian bush bees which has a sweet taste with a sour citrus like finish. the problem is that production is only 500kgs a year.
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Unfourtunately I can't narrow it down either, I don't like feeling limited to ingredients.

But I like working on a regularly with:

1> Aromatics-carrots, celery, onions, garlic, herbs
2> Mushrooms
3> Tomatoes
4> Cream
5> Poultry

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Well I'm going to be general but specific in that these are indispensible in the kitchen:

1)fats & oils
5)acids (lemon, vinegar)
7)milk & cream

I don't know if I can narrow it down to a favorite ingredient, I get into moods like the time the banquet chef wrapped my madras curry powder in 37 layers of cellophane so I'd get off my curry kick, well I just went for the Spanish smoked paprika instead!
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1) Really nice sherry vinegar
2) Meyer lemons
3) Fresh herbs
4) Olive oil
5) Mirepoix veggies
6) Awesome tomatoes
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Freshly picked morels with heavy cream and Makers Mark on fresh bagette....in the woods after a successful hunt.

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