Favorite ideas for leftover lobster

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I usually make lobster pot pie, lobster rolls, lobster risotto, lobster bisque, lobster fried rice, and lobster salad.

Any others?
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depending on the size and quantity of the pieces i.e. not too small, you can batter and deep fry them to make "lobster bites." 

If I have leftover seafood, especially shellfish,  I always think "stock" or a "soup" of some kind.  Stock is one of those things where its always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  ;-)
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I already made some stock.  :)

I decided to make lobster-spinach spanakopita, flavored with tarragon, bound with a little cream cheese.


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Leftover lobster is an oxymoron. ;) Send it to me. :)

Some ideas for next time...

Incorporate it into a buttery, garlic-y, lemon-y pasta/fettuccine dish with fresh herbs of choice.

Ravioli with brown butter/sage sauce, mushroom/marsala sauce - or whatever you fancy.

Seafood lasagna w bechamel.

Seafood pot pie using puff pastry as a topper. Had the best crab pot pie in Yosemite.

Po boys or sliders with fries on the side.

Think Asian - Lobster in Lobster Sauce.

Lobster souffle?

Lobster crepes w side of asparagus.

Lobster Fra Diavolo.
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