Favorite Fish Recipes

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I caught a nice dorado (mahi mahi) last week on a family outing and we've prepared everything from grilled fish tacos to ceviche.  I'm curious as to what your favorite fish dish is, and what fish is your favorite.  I know this is a broad subject, but I would like to learn some new dishes and also find out some regional favorites. 

I have plenty of cook books, but this has been a super learning forum for me. 
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I'd say the way i like fish best is the way i like all animal meat best, roasted at a high temperature, grilled, or fried.  I especially like the skin when it gets crisp (annoying in italy, where they usually bring you the fish and want to skin it there leaving all the nice crispy bits with the bones - i have to fight for it!)
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I like fish prepared in ways that lets the flavor of the fish come through, rather than those that oversauce or overseason it. Your dolphin is a great example of why that's so. What a great natural flavor it has all on its own.

And, of course, as you indicate, is such a flexible fish that can be prepared in numerous ways.

Day in and day out, I like dorado plain broiled, with a little brown butter. But if I'm in the mood for going balls-out, I use it in a variation of Eric Ripert's Black Bass with Port Wine.

At lunch in the Outer Banks one time, the restaurant had Mahi-Mahi Reuben listed on the menu, and I gave that a try. An interesting combination of batter-fried mahi-mahi with pastrami and thousand island dressing on dark rye. Don't know as it was the greatest combo in the world (I think it would have worked better with a milder fish, such as tilapia). But it's worth trying.

Dolphin is also a great sustitute for the salmon in things like seafood sausages and Kedgaree Covington.

And, IMO, you can go a long way and not find a better species for making fish cakes.
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Presented for your consideration:  Filetes Sarandeado, Mojo de Ajo, and al Diablo

Two friends, KC and Dani, met me for lunch today at Mariscos Martin No. 2, on Valley Blvd., in La Puente.  We ordered one plate of each (roughly 1-1/2 lbs of fish on each plate), along with a couple dozen oysters, a ceviche tostada, and there might have been a beer or two as well.  I believe Martin used basa for the filetes.  Whatever. They were huge, moist, rich and a tiny, delightful bit chewy. 

Had to drive at speeds approaching the legal limit just to beat the siesta home.

Que ricos!

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I prefer recipes of fish cooked in oven with just a few vegetable ingredients. I like the combination between the fish taste and vegetables aroma. I don't like to add sauces before cooking the fish because you don't feel the fish taste.
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I love fish, But I like it whole. So often one reads a menu, chooses a dish, only to find its a fillet   Thats what we found at the restaurants when we stayed in Rehoboth beach in July, but we lived at the back of a fish retailer/wholesaler.

We bought sushi grade tuna, enormous scallops and huge bass. They were surprised that we liked to cook our fish on the bone.

I ordered a red snapper,expecting a 11/2 lb that we're used to at home.Well the the guy appeared heaving it onto the scale and quoted us $35. I was stunned but delighted. It was  a huge beast...4lbsat least.

 Slashed it, marinated it with Indian spices chilles, garlic and oil all day and filled the cavity with cilantro, lemon slices and dried Thai basil leaves. Plenty of salt.  Gave it 30mins in a hot oven and finished it off on the bbq. Served with rocket,red onion and sourdough bread to mop up the juices.

Cold with salad on day 2

Ps.I take all my Indian spices with me every holiday,as they're so hard to come by in America, unless you hunt around. I dont have time for that.
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