Favorite Diet Dish

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What are your favorite diet dishes?

Summer is coming and I'm trying to think of new great diet dishes to make.
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In the summer I crave low fat cottage cheese (small curd please), freshly cracked pepper, canned chopped clams (drained, reserving the juice for later), and straight-from-my kitchen garden snipped chives.   Some crackers on the side for dipping are a nice bonus.

Where’s my fork?!
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interesting, never heard of that type of snack before.

Here's a creative one:

0 Carb Breaded Chicken


Bonesless chicken breast

Pork Rinds


Put pork rinds in zip lock bag or any bag and pulverize until breadcrumb texture.

Season chicken breast, I usually just do salt, pepper, garlic, paprika.

Spray with pam then apply pork rinds.

Put in oven on 400 until almost done, then broil so pork rinds turn crispy. 

I like this with wasabi for some reason.

There you go, 0 carb breaded chicken :D
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Let’s see here …

Diet = low fat + low cal


Chicken breast = 211 cal + 4.2g fat + 0 carbs

½ oz Pork Rinds = 80 cal + 5g fat + 0 carbs

Seasonings moot



1 Cup 2% fat Cottage Cheese = 203 cal + 4.4g fat + 8.2 carbs

¼ Cup canned chopped Clams = 25 cal + 0 fat + 0 carbs

Herbs inconsequential

Crackers – optional



But really,

That sounds delicious, I’m a big fan of Pork Rinds…

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