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Another question for you that may be hard to answer: Do you have a single favorite cut of meat to cook with?  Maybe a better question would be do you have a favorite meat for each cooking method (e.g. smoking, grilling, bbq)?
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You could say I have a rather promiscuous attitude toward meat--i.e., "love the one you're with". There's primal pleasure and satisfaction in transforming an historically humble cut of meat--brisket or ribs, for example--into something praise-worthy by invoking the magic of live-fire cooking. The experience connects us to barbecue's original practioners: the slaves. That being said, I enjoy a fine dry-aged T-bone or Porterhouse, especially one cooked directly in the embers. (See my recipe for "Caveman T-Bones" in my book Planet Barbecue (Workman, 2010). Pork shoulder and T-bones are examples, respectively, of indirect and direct grilling.
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