Favorite Cereals?

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Which ones bring back memories? Likes, dislikes? Favorite toys inside the box?

Anyone remember Quisp?

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I have a box of Quisp in the cabinet as we speak. Not quite the taste sensation that I remember, but the memories are so sweet...

My favorite cereal is probably granola. I like making my own. Also Golden Grahams are excellent.


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Does anyone remember the werewolf cereal? There was Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Booberry, and then there was a short-lived werewolf one. Does anyone remember its name? Another childhood fave was "Cookie Crisp". Though I don't eat much cereal today (I can't believe the prices!) some of my favorites are Golden Grahams, Corn Chex, and Kix. I prefer homemade granola, when I get my butt in gear and make it. Just a little sprinkled over yogurt.
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Quisp!!!!!!fond memories of Quisp.....
kix, wheatbix, Scottish oatmeal....I eat a bowl of cereal maybe once a week.
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Crispy Critters. They made a come-back a few years ago, but their effect on modern language has stayed around longer than anyone would have imagined.
In restaurant terms "Crispy critter" means overbaked.
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Cold cereals - Cornflakes, Shredded Wheat, Granola. There is a ginger granola that Trader Joe's sells which is very good. I've never made my own. Maybe I will this weekend.
Hot cereals - Oatmeal (real porridge if I can get it.)
I like clean simple tastes not loaded with sugar.



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Cranberry Almond Crunch with a bit of brand buds.

As a kid we were not permitted to eat cereals like frosted flakes or corn pop. They were a special treat we would have at Christmas or Easter.
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Ahhh..Cream of Wheat Germ....
I've recently rediscovered it.
Comfort food at its best.

Well, ok, maybe not 'best'.....
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I still have to have Cocoa Pebbles once in while, faves are Honey Nut Cheerios, Crispix and Golden Grahams.

Best prizes were the ones you had to save box tops for and mail off the coupon and maybe 50cents. THen the anticipation of waiting for it to show in the mail!
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I like Peanut Butter Crunch most of all in cold cereals, but oatmeal is no. 1 with me:) Does anyone remember Maypo?
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I don't eat it any more, but my favorite is oatmeal: regular oats combined with cinnamon, raisins and walnuts, a little boiling water poured over just to cover, then nuked uncovered for 1.5 minutes. Toss a bit of (gasp) sugar on top and enjoy! Tastes like an oatmeal cookie, a bit chewy.
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Anyone remember Sugar Jets? I'm not kidding, an actual cereal from the 50's.
remember Calvin's favorite?..Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.
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Current favorite: oatmeal the way only my husband makes it: very dry, chunky, and chewy, not at all gooey or slimy (well, I'm sorry, but sometimes it can be...)
Childhood favorites: Kix, or as a rare treat, Sugar Pops. Rice Krispies and Cheerios, both of which now taste way too salty. Another rare treat, Coco Krispies.

Yeah, I remember Maypo, but I'd rather not.


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I loved Quisp. Remember its companion, Quake???

Current favorite is Sugar Smacks (favorite changes weeklY0.
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I'n not sure why, but the lucky charms jingle almost took me out. Every time I heard it my blood boiled. Must of been something subliminal sp?.
Only twice something like this has happened, the second is happening now with this outback guy who found ten bucks in his jeans, this is probably a local thing but I've heard is so much I want to shove that 10 dollar bill you know.:D
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Quisp cereal , man are you bringing back memories . As kids it was the newest thing that you had to have as I remember and I think it tasted close to Captain Crunch .
Now for cold Im hooked on Raisin Bran , Hot Cereal has never changed And this is my favorite , Corn Meal Mush . Sorry but I was raised on a farm ..............
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Fruit Brute was the werewolf cereal. I liked BooBerry - especially that porkpie hat he wore - made him look like Frank Sinatra.

I was a strange child.

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I just made some of my favorite breakfast porridge, something I grew up with in India. It's made with toasted farina, salt, and water or milk. Butter is optional. The dry farina is toasted in a pan on the stove top, then sprinkled into rapidly boiling salted water. It's simmered about 10 minutes, and then you add milk and sugar. Yum :^)
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Corn Pops
Fruit Loops
Quaker Corn Barn ( I know wtf)
Honey Comb

and when I am in the States or Mexico

Apple Jacks (The drink at the bar is not as good. Jack Daniels and Sour Apple)
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I like the Kashi line of cereals these days. When I was a kid, I liked Frosted Wheat and Frosted Flakes.

For hot cereal, I like a good steel cut oatmeal.
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