favorite autumn foods

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this of course depends on where you live and the growing seasons respectively. 

i always look forward to rutabagas. they're something my grandmother was very fond of and that i grew up eating regularly in the autumn and winter months in minnesota. roasted or added to soups, it is sweet, earthy and delicious.

wild rice soup is another that is a family standard. made with chicken or turkey stock, lots of veggies and a splash of cream.

split yellow pea and ham soup is also always satisfying. throwing in a smoked ham hock never hurt either...

what do ya'll like to eat once the weather starts to turn a little chilly?
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I like the typical New England autumn foods like pumpkin pie, and apple crisp but I also like things that my mom gets like mooncake, and different kinds of mooncake from the Asian market.  The ingredients in there involve things like dates, sometimes an egg yoke, and even meat if I remember correctly.  

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