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I've done an extensive research on different cookwares and have recently purchased an All Clad MC2 cookware set for a great price. [Great price for All Clad but still expensive compared to other brand :( ]Anyhow, my question to everyone is what kind of cookware do you like and use, and why? I know that All Clad is well known among the professional chefs and they are great to use. I use mine and absolutely love it :) But there are other brands like Calphanon, Le Creuset and etc. out there that are also good too. So when cooking and using one of these cookware, does the food really tastes better with a good cookware? I know some cookware heats better, but I honestly can't tell whether the food tastes better or not. Maybe I haven't cook enough to know the different?

Any opinions are welcome :)
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Please refer to the following thread Buying Cookware. If you have any further questions, it may be best to post your question there.



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I have a fantasy pan, but I don't think it exists. An aluminum or copper core stainless steel pan with non-stick ceramic coated sides on the inside, but not the bottom cooking surface.

That way it develops a great fond, but when deglazing and reducing, it doesn't stick to the sides of the pan, wasting flavor.

Might not really work well as it's just a fantasy.


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