Fav mustard for BBQ sauce?

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Trying out some homemade BBQ sauce rec, and some call for mustard, but they don't say what type.

What mustard can some of you recommend? Type, brand?

Thanks in advance.
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I've always used French's Yellow and that is what I believe most people use. However, experimenting wouldn't hurt. Try a few and see what you like best.


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French's yellow is the most common. I think it tastes too harsh. I mostly use a spicy brown like guldens. Dijon tends to have the wrong starting flavors as well but I think you could still go some interesting places with it if you used a more European inspired rub instead of American barbecue type flavors.

Raichlen uses Dijon in some his though.
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Hi riffwraith,

I guess I'm too much of a control freak...
I don't use prepared mustard in my BBQ sauces. I use mustard flour, ground or whole seeds, sometimes toasted.
Basic mustard is: Mustard seeds, water, vinegar (acid), salt and sometimes sugar. I can add those flavors myself by choosing which acid, salt source and which sugar, if any.

The question you ask is the very reason cooking is fun! It is the flavor choices of the cook that makes the difference!

You could probably start with your favorite mustard. Using a mustard that you don't like to begin with, is not a recipe for success!

As others have stated, you will probably need to experiment.
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What kind of BBQ sauce are all you guys making? How come I never added mustard in mine? :oops:
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French's yellow is a common ingredient when making Carolina's mustard BBQ sauce. Others will use a regional brand that brings character and a unique mustard-style BBQ sauce. Some will use whole-grain mustard. Last time when I made a recipe it called for 1.5:1 ratio on yellow mustard: apple cider vinegar. But I actually cook and reduce the vinegar to tone down the acidity of the apple cider vinegar. Then add yellow mustard and other spices, and seasonings to make the bbq sauce.
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