Father's Day/Adios for a while...

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On Father's Day, we were up in Idaho visiting my MIL (and hubby's stepdad...stepdad's bro was visiting and he joined in). Hubby had made a beautiful Seafood Gumbo on Saturday ... and he's no easy act to follow.

While Hubby and MIL watched Tiger Woods win another tournament (woo hoo!), I prepped for my [email protected] BBQ.


Kielbasa with Mustard

Grilled Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes
Portabellinis (mini portabellos)

Grilled Protein
London Broil
Chicken Breast
Humongous Shrimp

Bulghur Salad

Grilled Apricots with Butter, Brown Sugar and Rum
Vanilla Ice Cream

Hubby's mom is Armenian, so I figured I'd score big points with the bulghur salad. ;) I made plenty and she nibbled on it all weekend. The veggies got a savory baste, except for the sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes in Idaho...whew, I was taking my chances). The sweets got my customary baste for them - corn oil mixed with real maple syrup. The london broil got hubby's magic marinade of soy sauce, onions, oil, brown sugar. Chix got olive oil, garlic, basil and lemon juice. Gargantuan Shrimp got cilantro, lemon and oil.

Brother, did they love it. BBQ and not a burger or a rib in sight. I think what shocked them was dessert being grilled. What a great time I had preparing it.

All the better to cook in someone else's house - all our stuff is packed and I have skillet withdrawal. We leave tomorrow on a house hunting trip to FL. Shawty, hurry up and have that baby!!

Keep fingers crossed for us and don't hesitate to throw some good house vibes our way. It won't be an easy move - we have six pets and TONS of restaurant equipment going with us. I'm trying to see this as an adventure...which would probably be easier if I were 20.


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Best of luck Chiffonade!

Hope the quest will be short and fun.
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It may be too late by now for you to see this before you go, but

best of luck on your journey Be in touch as soon as you can !

We'll miss you until we hear from you again.
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Im hungry and jealouse . Good job and do ya need a stepson ?
I can do the cleanup and dishes ? Looking for good eats , Doug
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