FAT! Some general musings.

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We chew it and we eschew it.  Fat is the subject of much discussion and many articles.  There's good fat and bad fat, and sometimes too much fat, in our diets.  Fat adds flavor but it also adds calories, and the wrong fat in excess amounts can contribute to health problems.

So, with that in mind, I was wondering what fats may be better for us.  For red meat, is there any fat that's more digestible, lower in saturated fat, higher in Omega-3s?  I've read that fat from grass fed beef is healthier than the fat from grain fed beef.  Considering the above, which animals provide better fat - healthier, tastier, more digestible, etc.

With poultry, which may be better - chicken fat, duck fat, turkey fat, goose fat ...?

Now, I'm not talking about which animals are leaner and have less fat, but, measure for measure, which are the ones that have healthier or tastier fat.

Somewhere I read an article that suggested pork fat was more digestible than beef fat.  Does anyone know if that's true?  I'm sure that what a pig eats, or what any animal eats, may effect the quality of it's fat.  What type of diet may provide a healthier fat for pork - not necessarily less fat, but healthier, tastier fat? 
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Quote:Originally Posted by Schmoozer  
There's good fat and bad fat
And sometimes bad fat is goooood. I mean unhealthy fat can be very tasty. Hmmmm. :D

I would say the healthiest animal fat is probably found in fatty fish such as salmon, mercury-tuna, trout, herring, sardines, mercury-mackerel... then probably not-farmed-raised-game, and then grass fed beef... kinda guessing really, I'm no nutritionist.
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Animal fat is not found in fish.!!  
Kobe raised cattle.(Wahoo Beef Grass fed only no grain no corn)
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Lard versus butter - is one better than the other?  I can't recall the details but I seem to remember that lard is a better fat than butter in one category, healthwise, but butter beats out lard in another category. That's for good, honest lard, not the hydrogenated, overly processed stuff.  You'd think that with the trans fat scare restaurants would be glad to proclaim they use real butter and real lard.

They each have their place in cooking, each has its own flavor.  I wouldn't think of mounting a sauce with a knob of lard, and when I make chile verde butter is nowhere to be found.

There seem to be a lot more cured meat products involving pork fat than beef.  Any classic chicken-based charcuterie?  In truth a local market makes in-house fresh chicken and garlic sausages that are very tasty, one of my favorites.  What about duck confit?

Speaking of beef fat, often when I make beef stock I use back ribs.  I roast them in a hot oven for a while and render out a lot of the fat before they go into the stockpot.  I usually save the fat and use it for cooking hash browns or home fries on sunday morning.  Good stuff.

So there's a few random musings of my own.  And by the way, the moniker 'teamfat' comes from my Fat Chance Garage endeavors, nothing to do with cooking.  But these days it does seem to fit all too well, shucks.

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And by the way, the moniker 'teamfat' comes from my Fat Chance Garage endeavors, nothing to do with cooking. 
As a parenthetical aside, my mountain bike is a Wicked Fat Chance ... it, too, has nothing to do with cooking.
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