Fast roast silverside ?

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Just looking for some advice. I was looking to fast roast some beef and i guess have roast beef. I have around 0.8kg of silverside. I am posting to get some advice. There seems to be conflicting opinions on whether silverside can be fast roasted or whether it requires more of a slow low roast.

The cut i have doesnt have much fat on it. Whats the thoughts ? can i fast roast this or would it end up overly tough ? 

Thanks a lot 

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Strange that no one has answered your question. I'm guessing you have probably already cooked it, but I'll chime in anyway.

I didn't know what siverside was so I checked. I know it as bottom round or rump roast.

I don't believe you can get good results fast roasting this. I would braise.
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If it really is what I know as rump roast, I do it fairly hot and quick. Looks much like what FF posted. Also use it for french dips.

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So it sounds like it you do it fast it shouldn't go much beyond medium rare? Otherwise it will dry out I'm guessing. The BHG website doesn't even show a time/temp past MR for the fast roast of this cut.
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I've never made this cut but I cook a similarly tough cut of beef (eye round) by first rubbing it with 4tbsp of salt and leaving it in the fridge over night like a dry brine. The next day I wash it and pat dry and dear it on all sides. Then stick it in a very low oven like 225F until it reaches 125f internal. Slice it thinly and it's very tender. I'm sure this cut can benefit from the same treatment.
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I like to slow smoke cuts like this to about 135 internal. Let it rest overnight then run it on the slicer for french dips.
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