farming bamboo, aka shoots in Southern MO....connecting with premium ingredients

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Photos of Nic's organic shiitake farm....she has 500 acres in Shannon County "sinks"....there's a trout pond, a stream, a river, numerous houses & buildings...lots of shiitake logs, and a bamboo stand they planted 15 years ago.

These are photos from a girls weekend....3 farmers and a chef (me).  

photos: in the bamboo stand harvesting

harvested bamboo shoots, like asparagus you cut the tough ends and peel the "wrapper leaves".

Frittata, farm eggs, new potatoes...nothing like fresh potatoes, spring green garlic, bamboo shoots, goatsbeard chevre

Dinner was 3 sisters grits, frozen corn from Illinois, garlic & morels on top, spicy greens at the ends of the trencher, YUM


Harvesting watercress in the fresh spring, gotta wear wading boots

Pond & house....way beautiful....rustic, wonderful....
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I have been wondering if there was a market for our plethora of bamboo shoots that come up in our backyard every spring. Is there a certain kind of bamboo that must be used? Our shoots seem to be identical to yours. Any other ways you would use them? We are in Maryland.
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I don't know Geoff, if you have a botanical garden that could give you info or university extension...fresh bamboo shoots are extrodinary.

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