Farmer's Market to open June 1

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Welllll....going into 3rd season, do you believe it? I started posting July 2000 2 monthes before the trial run in Sept.
Looking forward to asparagus, radishes, Japanese turnips, strawberries, baby greens, spicy greens.....eggs, honey, flowers, etc....Our first chef is one of the hottest in town.
So what's growing in your area? And are your markets open? And are they local farmers or brokers?
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There's a limping little Farmer's Market in our town. Nothing ever gets properly publicized so it will likely never grow. Despite this, I try to purchase goodies and produce when I can.

* We have "Bob the Bee Man." He sells some of the most fragrant, pure honey I've ever experienced. I used to use it to make my baklava for our restaurant. He also makes beeswax candles and thinks the sun rises and sets on my kid's head.

* We have "Penny the fruit lady" who grows beautiful eating cherries and pie cherries. I bunches of them, they were incredible. She also grows the most immaculate apricots, the pits just fall out after the fruit is split. And the plums, God. The plums were so tart your mouth went inside out, but combine them with sugar for jam and it was extremely robust.

* We have "Marilyn the pottery lady" who makes the most beautiful functional pottery. We have a custom made starter crock in our fridge and she made dog bowls (food and water) for us. She also gave us a business card holder to hang on our wall.

* We have "Mac the pie lady" who also is the president of the Chamber of Commerce. Mac was always the first to sell out of her little fruit pies, brownies, herb bunches, cookies, and other goodies. She organized the Farmer's Market, amongst other things, trying to put this town on the map. I guess I should mention, this dynamo is 81 years old.
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Shroom, because of our mild winter on the east, we are seeing everything growing, budding, flowering Etc..almost two weeks early

ramps are everywhere, i'm begining to tire from there stench;)

fiddleheads come and gone already, baby leeks firm but sweet, icecle and easter radishes are in the markets..chipollinis too.

Morels are almost gone, a little sun and we should see a truck load of east coast shrooms flood the markets. wonderful early tender greens are popping up as are water edge herbs.

I want to give ya a big "GOOD LUCK" with your 3rd year, I always enjoy reading your webpage and appreciate your passion for organics and chefs and why they make sense together.

PS, Keep us posted on the opening
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