Fancy 50th anniversay dinner, Truffle question.....

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I'm working on a friend's 50th anniversay as a priest dinner.....he's a serious gourmand but he and the guests are all in their 70's.... menu so far....

Couple of bites with Champagne as people arrive, figs and proscuitto...2 max, nothing filling....

Seafood Appetizers....plated , shrimp remoulade, oysters rockerfeller.....

S. Blanc

Pasta  with truffles?   My truffle supplier says that it's between the seasons the end of April, that she has canned truffles, truffle butter, truffle oil......any thoughts?  I'm not a huge fan of truffle products and would love some suggestions....pasta/truffle, very small portion

Lamb chops, spring veg fricasse (1999 Grand Cru)


Salad...greens & haricot verte with champagne vin dressing, since there's already a truffle course and cheese plate to come I'd not add the crouton with oozy morbier and truffle honey drizzle....

Dessert....lemongrass-ginger brulee...will come up with some interesting garnish...maybe a candied orange shortbread or tuile or ? suggestions?


Cheese  I'd suggest a communal board that people can select from....

Port...Mt. Pleasant has some very nice ports.

These are his favorite foods, minus soft shell crabs.....

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Having the same problem with Truffles. Was trying to find some last week for a 25th wedding anniversary I was doing. If you have any luck, let me know.


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A friend in Portland was talking about truffles on another site, says blacks are done, but there still might be some white available.
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Oregon White Truffles are really quite good! I had some one time and was surprised at the quality. Totally different from black Truffles, more like a bite of garlicky mushroom, really tasty!

Not sure of the growing season out there but fresh White would be really good. On the flip side wild mushrooms with a healthy splash of Black Truffle Oil  would be nice as well.
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Mushroom girl, buy a can of truffle peelings then make a truffle paste use for pasta. Or you can mix paste with olive oil or clarrified butter in bllender.
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mediocre truffles for a guy that lived in Italy won't cut it.....I'd rather serve fresh morels pumped with alittle dried.....

are the Oregon or canned better than fresh wild shrooms?
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It sounds delicious and can't figure it out hows that 70's menu still have the taste of their century. Every year we have our new taste that expert chef brings more perfect than we expected.
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I'd say if you have access to fresh Oregon White than use them as an accent to your fresh Morels. If they lived in Italy then I am sure they will realize that the Albas are far superior than anything else and will understand (I would hope anyway!)

Just use them and don't tell them until afterwards!

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