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I have Nancy Silverton and Esther McManus's croissant recipes in progress as we speak. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

I made homemade butter to use for the croissant recipes and have homemade buttermilk to use up. While looking for recipes, I considered Fan Tans (upper left picture here: but they are more for soups and stews. I am looking for something just as decorative and fun to make only say for earlier in the day, or more along the lines of a slightly sweeter version.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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It's working fine for me Cchiu. I am not sure I understand what you are looking for. So if I'm off excuse me.

Here I have seen countless variations on the croissant theme, and not always a real success. Croissants became more popular a few years ago where they started to be used for sandwiches. Some of those not always in the best taste.

Just this week I saw a cheese croissant. A bit of shreaded cheese was rolled with the croissant and some on top too. I am sure you could use another shape like the rectangle shape used for pain au chocolat.

There is the purse shape. A square shape with filling in centre and the courners brought back to the middle and pinch. One bakery in town offer those with different savoury centre among those are pesto, garlic & tomatoes. I think the tomatoes are dried but I never tasted it.
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Thanks for your response. I'm not looking for croissant info, I am looking for different shaped breads (like the fan tan) but the fan tan is hearty ie: for soups and stews. I found it because I have leftover buttermilk from the croissant baking to use up.

This got me interested in unusually shaped breads. I would prefer to make something not so much for dinner but lighter instead of hearty. Preferebly a yeast bread. I hope this helps to explain...

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