Famous American Food Writers of Our Time

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Hi I'm not sure if I'm placing this thread in the right forum but oh well.  I have an assignment my chef gave me to do this week.  She wants me to pick two of america's best food writers and compare and contrast their writing styles.  Therefore I just want to know who in your mind has enlightened your minds with their food writing.  I know of one, Colman Andrews but it's hard for me to choose another one.  Please help...she wants it done this week.  Thanks
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Wow! Talk about far-ranging possibilities.

I would certainly have to include Anthony Bourdain in the group. Also Mark Kurlansky. More recently, and perhaps not actually famous yet, would be Andrew Beahrs (I'm looking forward to more of his work). Then there's.......
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MFK Fisher.....someone whose work is next to impossible to put down.

I've enjoyed Ruth Riechl.....it's more "pop" writing, but it's fun and certainly food based.
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I have to check them out. I am from the UK and I have very little knowledge of great American Food Writers! Thank you for this.
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 Mr. James Beard is somebody who should definitely be mentioned. "Beard on Beard" is fantastic.

Don't forget Michael Ruhlman's books. "The making of a chef" and every book there after is essential reading for anyone considering going to cooking school, already going, or the seasoned professional. In my opinion, simply the best food writing we have today. Bourdain is also one of the best.
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While I found the Making of a Chef to be a complete bore I do think Ruhlman would be at the top of my list. He has co-authored many of my favorites. My second would be Harold McGee. 
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