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Food and Cooking forum used to have a half dozen posts a day or more. Since the upgrade? ONE post a day... this new forum is not as user friendly, to hard to read new posts in just the forums you are interested in(click on a forum, now try to read new posts on topics you are following. Wait, there is no new posts button like th eold forum had, I have to scroll thru stuff I already read...). Sorry but this upgrade was a downgrade.


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Thanks for the feedback we are still working some of the issues out and will look into the post decline in that forum. In the 20 years running ChefTalk we have never had any of the (many over the years) upgrades that someone did not get frustrated I guess it is just part of change and moving forward.
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I noticed a decline too, but I didn't know if that is because people have less questions at the moment or just because the recent new posts have been on topics I have no information on.
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I just go to the three bars next to the left of the CHEFTALK 1573920667133.png , and eft click. Menu comes up. Left click on latest activity. That shows me new posts, etc.
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One peculiarity is that the knife forum is quite dead. No posts since October! I'm not sure why this should be, but it's a definite change: that forum used to have scads of posts all the time!

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