Falafel Inquiry

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I need help with my falafel. I work for Co-op in the kitchen and we provide daily meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The themes change monthly, and this month, we feature A Greek Bar, with gyros.

I have not been able to find a consistent recipe and my current recipe comes out too dry and/or too moist. And it does not hold together.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any Recipes?

Any thoughts on how to get a consistent perfect falafel?

Much appreciation for any help.

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Why don't you post your recipe and the proceedure you use? We'll be in a better position to offer suggestions then.
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Yes, here it is. Sorry..


8   cups garbanzos

0.5    cups water                         

0.25   cups lemon juice                

2   each bunch of parsley                                      

4 tbsp garlic                                               

2 tsp cayenne                            

4 tbsp cumin              

salt and pepper to taste                                


Soak garbanzo beans overnight in water, 3 water to 1 bean ratio                                                                                    

Drain and rinse the garbies. Put into large pot and 24 cups water.                                                                                                

Bring the water to a boil; reduce the heat and simmer until the beans and chick peas are tender, about 2 hours;                                                       

Drain; put the beans and chick peas, parsley, water, lemon juice,                                                                                        

and garlic through the robo coupe to obtain a pasty consistency;                                                                                      

Adding the salt, pepper, and paprika; let rest at least one hour;                                                                                         

Form into small slightly elongated balls about 5 cm (2") long and 1.5 cm (1/2") thick;                                                                                           
Fry in oil for about 2 minutes on each side or until nicely golden; drain on paper towels  
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I reckon you're leaving something out. You keep saying "beans and chickpeas," but there are no beans in the ingredients list.I presume you meant to include favas? That's the usual combination, at either a 1:1 ration or 2 part favas to 1 part chickpeas. Be sure and peel the favas. All the falafel recipes I have include baking soda, which yours lacks. That might have something to do with the inconsistent results?Falafel is also made either as a ball, or as a slightly flattened ball, more like a patty. Could be that the shape you're using is having an affect as well. You might try making them as balls and see. I don't think your oil temperature is a problem. It's easy to overcook falafel, But if you're cooking for only two minutes per side, that's not the likely issue. Interestingly, none of my Greek cooking references have anything resembling falafel---which is understandable, as it's more of a Mid-Eastern dish. With minor differences in flavorings, Turkish, Israeli, and Lebanese versions are basically the same. There is an Egyption version, spelled almost the same, that uses white beans instead of chickpeas and favas. It, too, calls for baking soda. So, my best guess is that it's the absence of the baking soda in your recipe that's the culprit.
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We've been making falafel to this recipe for years, and its never let us down.

1lb dried chickpeas

Firstly, you dont cook the chickpeas. Once they've soaked overnight, you wash well, then blitz with 3 spring onions, 3 cloves garlic lots of chopped parsley and coriander (cilantro). 2 tsp salt, 1/2 tspn baking powder, 2 tsp cumin, 2 tsp coriander,1 tsp cayenne, juice of 2 lemons and 5fl oz water. you'll probarbly need to do this in batches.

The mix may seem sloppy and after 2 hours in the fridge, It still will be a wee bit.

Fry one off and check the balance of salt/lemon juice, just as you would for humus

I've never made them with cooked chickpeas, but i do know there are recipes tomake them that way. I was shown by a lebanese  chef years ago. He did use 50/50 chickpeas and broad beans,but i prefer the flavour of all chickpeas. you can add sesame seeds too


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I've never seen them made with cooked chickpeas before eitiher.
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Whoops! I must have blipped right past that in the instructions.

There's your red flag, Sustain. When making falafel, the chickpeas and beans should be soaked, but not cooked.

Do you recall where you got the recipe you're using? Like the others, this is the first time I've seen one that calls for cooking the legumes before grinding.
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I took the beans out of the recipe, before. I also had baking soda in there but took that out too. perhaps, i'll try again. I dont recall where i got the recipe. But i think, cooking them, is the problem.
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