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Howdy all,

We are going camping for a week (starting today) and I have had a request from my family to make "fair" type food while we are out in the wilderness.  Simple enough to do that so fried dough, Hot Sausage with grilled green peppers, onions, and mushrooms, fresh lemonade.  And a few other goodies as well including of course fresh french fries.  Yes we have some healthier meals planned too but it is vacation hehe

This made me wonder however if any of you followed a theme of sorts when you went to camp, and if so what might that be.
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Most of the time, no. But it depends on the type of camp.

In deer camp, for instance, the closest I come to a theme is "hearty, stick to your ribs" meals. Camping with the family it's whatever strikes our fancy. Sometimes, when with a group, we might decide on a rough theme; beach party, or X-holiday. But that's usually just for one meal, not the entire trip.

Ironically, I tend to shy away from deep fried foods while camping. No particular reason for that, though.
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Well we never got much of a chance to do our "fair food" thing as we got a lively gust of wind and it shattered 2 of our fiberglass tent poles, and demolished the awning we had over our camp kitchen.  Luckly noneone was hurt and nothing else was lost.  We were out trout fishing at the time and came back to find we had no place to sleep.....so we packed up and headed home...BUMMER!!! oh well...thats camping! 

Now iam onto my summer routine....CANNING! wild blackberry jam, dilly beans, and horseradish-mustard pickles are on the agenda today.

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