Facebook ads for ChefTalk

Joined May 5, 2010
While I'm on my FB page, I'm getting ads for ChefTalk threads. I get them all the time. One recently got me thinking about the subject so I went here and found no such thread or topic. I asked one of our moderators about the subject and was told the CT does no have ads on Facebook.....
Has anyone else had these ads?
Joined May 11, 2013
I believe what may be happening is that when you searched or read a post in ChefTalk that the cookies/searches were picked up by your devices data mining.

For example I read a post not to long ago about Japanese knives. I started getting ads on knives.
I also looked for less then 30 seconds at a youtube video on Chinese scallion pancake. Next day I was flooded with the same content video.

It is just that what ever you look at might become something that shows up in your feed.
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