Extruding Pasta

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There's not a lot of info on the web about making extruded pasta. Hopefully some of y'all can help/add to the discussion!

FYI I'm making ~100lbs/week with an Emiliomiti/PastaBiz Dolly III extruder

Question 1: semolina vs. 00 flour
Does anyone have experience using 00 in an extruder? Seems like just about everyone uses semolina, which I'm currently using.

Any recommendations on which pasta types would be better with 00? I'm assuming fine pastas like tagliatelle would benefit from the smoother texture, but they may lose out on plasticity.

Question 2: using eggs
Seems like folks generally use flour+water with extruders. I'm using about 80% eggs+20% water+flour (and a pinch of salt).

My shorter pastas (rigatoni & casarecce) curl inward toward each other after about 1" of extrusion. I'm assuming this has to do with the eggs, since I've tried every possible level of hydration and the curling is consistent. Anybody know what that's about?

Thanks for your help!

Miles Tamboli
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00 as opposed to using Semolina definitely changes the dough feel.
I used Durum plus 00 plus Semolina, eggs, salt, a touch of olive oil.
It is difficult to explain a dough "feel" to someone else, but suffice to say, keep experimenting with the flours and ratios until you find one that works well in the machine, doesn't curl, and keeps the shapes.
Good luck
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I've used the same machine. Mine would curl when the dye became too hot. Do you have a water pump hooked up for cooling?
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