externship in where?

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i'm a student in culinary art, i don't have the time to take it easy, i need to do my externship but i have been bombarded with tons of places and it is hard to pick one. I don't want to to spent and waste my time in a place where they are no going to give me the time and value mine i'm in the south florida area but willing to take sugestions even out of state,  anyone ? thx...
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Marcus, welcome! (M. Apicius is a great Roman character! Nice choice for nickname!)

Can you fill in some blanks and maybe we can assist a bit more? You mentioned that you were bombarded with tons of places; any of those that are worthwhile? What type of place are you looking for (fine dining, country club, hotel, etc)?

Give us a just a bit more info and let's see what we can do.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Talk with your instructor and find out what the input was that he got from past students. If a student had a good experience he will brag about it. Every instructor knows the best places, you just need to pick their brain and get that info. I don't think the instructor will speak bad about any food service offering a service in their program, but they will speak well of the good ones................The best...........ChefBillyB
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