Experimenting with food... how did it turn out?

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    I like to experiment with food, let's call it "making something without using a cookbook and see what happens". It doesn't always work, many times it needs to be tweaked, sometimes it works but needs a nice finishing touch in presentation à la Petals.

    I was trying to make a fruit mousse, possibly make a semifreddo/parfait from it, with asking help in the recipe forum but seemed not too many people responded, however a few responses were very helpfull. This is another try-out to make a rhubarb fruitmousse or  a semifreddo aka parfait. This time I used 500 grams rhubarb, cooked with sugar and then mixed. About 500 grams in total. I added the required amount of gelatine (soaked sheets) to set the weight of the mousse, let it cool and added 500 grams of well whipped cream, folded in the rhubarb and put in the freezer to make a semifreddo. I could have left it in the fridge to have a fruitmousse.

    I cut some frozen slices, let them defrost quite a while and was left with a tasty semifreddo. The more it thawed, the more flavorfull and "moussy-er" it got. Delicious with strawberries!

    Second experiment, something I learned from Antonio Carluccio in one of his TV shows. When I buy peaches, there's always a major chance we're gonna "forget" to eat them and have to throw them away. So I poached them in 100/50 water/Sugar, adding lemonjuice and a star anis. After cooling in the fridge, these peaches are soooooo delicious! The skins look a little wrinkled but they are perfectly edible. I'm gonna have a try making a granita from the remaining pink poaching juice, nothing more than freeze the juice, take it out each 30 minutes and work with a fork to loosen up.

    Do you have any suggestions or would you like to add one of your experiments? Please let us hear them.
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