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Hi Everyone:

I am new to this site. I love to cook new recipes whenever possible. I currently live in Houston Texas. My previous home was Park City Utah. While in Utah I belonged to an experimental dinner club that met once every 6 - 8 weeks. It was a blast!

Does anyone know if there is a way to find out about an experimental club in Houston? Or if you live in Houston is there any interest?

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Welcome to cheftalk,

Everytime I enter a kitchen it's an experiment :)

BTW, is it ok to keep my paphiopedilums in the same window as my phalaenopsis?

Again welcome
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Cape Chef! :blush: Please elaborate for my delicate sensibilities! (oh, yeah... sure....:rolleyes: )

Welcome to Chef Talk, rlholley! As you can see, we have many interests, including gardening (that's what it is, right CC??) It would be interesting to learn how many of us here do belong to cooking clubs or "gourmet" groups, and what kinds of fare we prepare. Hmmm... I feel a poll coming on.

Welcome, rlholley! We'll look forward to your posts.
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Welcome to CT. Houston is pretty diverse in culinary culture. I'm in Dallas and like CC most friends are in the biz. I'm usually the dessert guy.
There might be some interest there, but I think you will find that Texas is quite the convience way. People don't like to go out of their way for anything and usually won't get out of the car for anything except a big gulp or a DP. You will fing a 7-11 or some sort on every corner.
I have family in the West U area and can find out if there is something like this there, if its close enough to you. If you cruise to D stop by the bakery.
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