Experience with gel mats

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I have been using padded foam-type mats in my kitchen, but the quality of the top layer seems to be deteriorating. The most recent one started fraying and separating from the bottom in only a few months while my first one lasted roughly 3 years. Now I am considering replacing it with a gel mat and wondered what experience people have had with them. Bed Bath and Beyond has GelPro, but the edge looked poorly made. In the Chefs Catalog (chefscatalog.com), there is a Wellness Mat as well as a MaxumMat in addition to the GelPro. Both carry 7 year guarantees. Has anyone used any of these? How long have you had one ...  how do you like it ... are they durable and easy to clean? Would you get another one when your wears out? Any information about any type of gel mat would be gratefully received. Thanks. 


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I have a GelPro mat.  I am disabled from a back injury and the mat makes it much more comfortable for me to stand in the kitchen.  I've had it for about a year with no problems.  It gets vacuumed and mopped with the rest of the floor and has held up well (even though its instructions said to wipe it down gently with soap and water).  I am thinking about buying a couple more for other areas in the kitchen and would definitely replace this one if something happened to it.  Nearly forgot to mention that a kitchen stool gets placed on it regularly and it's survived that too.  Whatever you buy, check reviews to make sure the edges don't curl up causing a trip hazard (my GelPro doesn't).
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