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Talking about chicken, I am having some difficulty understanding why, KFC for example, and other chicken restaurants charge so much more for the white meat than they do for the dark meat. I mean it's not like they are paying anymore for either, because chickens have both, or are there chickens out there that are white meat only birds and do cost more?
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I agree Pugz...I love dark meat/thighs..I use them a lot. At KFC the chicken is cut into 9 pieces (at least it used to be):

1 Center breast
2 rib breasts
2 wings

2 thighs
2 legs

My first job was at KFC, people would be paying extra for white and wings (since they were white) were included in their box (unless they said NO WINGS)! The center breast was often requested and that would be an extra premium charge since there was only one per chicken.

Uh...but perhaps the pricing and adding wings has changed...this was ummm 25 years ago when I held that job.

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