Expediter problems

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by frostythespider, Nov 9, 2011.

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    So I've been dealing with some hassles during my lunch service and it seems they stem from a lot of confusion via the expediter.  The firing process is VERY simple:  Orders are placed at the register, printed at the line, and sold either on a tray with a side of house made potato chips or in a to-go bag.  What seems to happen is I start getting hit during lunch and the expo isn't able to prepare themselves enough to put out the orders as the cooks put them up.  the result is the expo becomes overwhelmed with orders and slips piling up and it just slows everything else down.  Slowing down the rate at which the orders are cooked just doesn't make sense at all and I've even worked the station to see where the kinks are, but I just can't understand why he isn't keeping up.  Should I just start looking for a new expo or are their ways I can set him up for less snags?
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    Maybe just ask him what his problems/limitations are and try to fix it there first.