Executive Chef - little corn island, nicaragua

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I'm the executive chef of a small resort in Caribbean Nicaragua. I've been here for a year and a half, and while its been fun and an incredible experience, I'm ready to move on. I'm looking for an experience chef to replace me. 

I'm looking for someone who is creative, flexible, hard working, and patient. We're located on a beautiful stretch of beach, literally out of a post card. We specialize in seafood and vegetarian fare, using the best of whats available to us, including from our own half acre garden. We have regular hotel guests as well as a large yoga retreat clientele, many of whom are vegan, so a willingness to cook vegetable based foods is imperative. That said, experience isn't mandatory, just a willingness and ability to learn and execute. I hadn't cooked much vegan food when I arrived, but figured it out pretty quickly, its been an interesting challenge.

We change our menu daily, partly because we have to work with what is available, partly because its fun. Also we have a beach bar specializing in tacos and ceviches, which basically runs it self, but needs some oversight. 

The ideal candidate would have 5+ years of experience and knowledge of various cuisines, be a wizard with specials, have managerial experience, an ability to handle ordering and projection more than a week out (we're remote, so shipments take some time,) and an adventurous spirit. 

In addition to salary, we offer travel reimbursement, housing, food, and a bonus upon completion of contract. 

Contact [email protected] or reply here if you're interested.
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so where are you going ? are you looking for a position somewhere new?  I am looking for a chef with caribbean experience for my restaurant...Bananas ..in Nevis (st kitts & Nevis)

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