Executive Chef for Organic Bone Broth Company in Los Angeles

Joined May 11, 2016
Brothee, an Organic Bone Broth company, launched in September 2015 and is enjoying rapid growth.  Currently at 10 farmers markets in Los Angeles each week, and soon to launch home deliveries and wholesale, Brothee is looking for an enthusiastic Executive Chef to help launch the next phase of the business.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop new recipes for bringing to market, free of artificial ingredients.

  • Foster relationships with our suppliers, and seek out new relationships to ensure our produce is coming from a diverse range of ethical sources.

  • Oversee kitchen operations via the Kitchen Manager

  • Review current recipes & costings

  • Hire kitchen personnel as needed, and fire as required.
The ideal candidate is:

- knowledgeable and enthusiastic about organic, natural foods.

- passionate about the ethical sourcing and preparation of food.

- detail orientated

- reliable & prompt

- great communicator

- enthusiastic about the company, product, it's range of benefits and interested in the potential to grow within our company.

Please send resume with cover letter to [email protected]


Brothee is devoted to providing tasty, nurturing broth-based food in support of our community and the environment.We're passionate about broth. The way it tastes. It's energizing effect. The wellness benefits reaped from drinking it. Broth is not a new concept - it has been around for hundreds of years. Many of us were raised on some version of this ancient delicacy, and we use that nutritional wisdom as a foundation to provide a range of modern, enticing broth-based products. No corners are cut in our preparation. Our broths are rich and flavorful, slow cooked, and made with organic, pasture-raised ingredients. We're committed to running an environmentally ethical company. We follow the concept of nose to tail eating and clearly label all of our products so that you can make an informed and conscious purchase.
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