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Hi all! I'm an ok cook but anxious to get better. Counting down the days until I turn 25, I finished college 2 years ago and have since acquired a lifestyle that allows me to cook meals in my beautiful new kitchen! Any tips and advice for meals that are healthy but hearty... I love meat and potatoes and all sorts of veggies... and am ready to try some new things that don't take hours preparing for... especially shopping in the grocery store!
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Hi BrandieRose and welcome to the forum.

You sound really pleased with ur new kitchen, and obviously dying to do some healthy cooking. Sometimes healthy isnt as filling as you'd like, but I would advise trying some far east noodle soups. Recipes for Thai, chinese and many more, are not only filling and healthy, but they have a true, feel good factor about them too. If you have trouble finding recipes, just start a thread asking for ideas n you'll be swamped with 'em.
I'velots of recepies i could send u. Just ask.

Have fun, we're nice here

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