Ex Employee getting name taken off the menu

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I recently ended my tenure with an establishment, I really would like to have my name taken off of the menu. I have asked the General Manager now for over 2 1/2 weeks to no avail. Contacting the owner will not do any good either, what is or is there protocol on getting my name removed? First time I had to think about it, so I really dont know!!
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Tell them it's your name and since you are no longer employed there, they are not allowed to use it in any way. I imagine you could get into a legal battle over it, but if you didn't sign anything saying they had any right to use your name, then I'm pretty sure they don't. I guess I wouldn't care unless it's some kind of dive that's on the rocks that could make you look bad. If it's a decent place, it's just more publicity for you.
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Thank you for the shout!, Its not a dive by any means and I have weighed the good aspects, but speaking with current employees there( who see it from a BOH stand point and understand it) it isnt up to past standards... Than I started to look at the the glass half empty ...
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Is it reasonable to expect menus to be reprinted allowing this change?
If it's a weekly menu printed in-house on card, that's one thing.
If the menus are done by a printer at considerable cost that it might be reasonable to expect a short wait between menus??

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