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What is this "new" fad where everyone thinks they're a chef??  If you write a food blog, you think you're a chef.  If you take food pictures and post them to instagram, you think you're a chef.  If you made a big meal for friends and family, you think you're a chef.  If you read "Food Lovers Companion" you think you're a chef.  If you watch Food Network obsessively, you think you're a chef.  If you use hyper-local ingredients in your Sunday supper for your family, you think you're a chef.

What is this all about? It's making me a little crazy.

I had to correct an acquaintance yesterday at lunch in front of the waiter.  I don't like to call anyone out and embarrass them but when the waiter asked what we did for a living, she said "We are both chefs".  I said, "You're a chef?  You're not a chef!".  She said, "Well, I am a food blogger."   She works as the manager of a computer lab at a local college!

Yes, my chef nerves are a little raw this morning, because I've been hearing this a lot.  After all of the burns I have received, the fallen arches, the sliced fingers, the raw hands from countless hours of dishwashing because the dishwasher didn't show up on a Friday, AGAIN, after all the headaches, heartbreaks and joy I have gotten from being in this crazy business for over 30 years, my patience is SHORT with these people.

Sorry for the rant, my fellow chefs... I just had to blow off some steam.
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Meh... The word is up for grabs, and there is no professional body protecting the word. So its no wonder ithe word is being abused.


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You hàve earned your title. Be proud of your accomplishments/hard work and pay no mind to folks that pretend to be what they are not.
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Dunno if thats a "new" fad either, lol. 

That does annoy me though--a f***ing food blogger? Lol. Food bloggers are the WORST. 
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