Ever seen someone flip out like this at work?


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Yes actually, myself! Not to that extreme by any means but one time I got extremely upset with the restaurant manager and a waiter talking in the back during service. I was running the orders and trying to call them out to the cooks and they were talking and laughing so loud that I could barely hear myself. I screamed at them and told them to get out of the kitchen and took the waiter's stand they were using and threw it against the wall.

Not one of my best moments.
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hahahahahaha that was hilarious! I hope that was the dishwasher, it would make it that much more insulting .
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That was great!

Nicko stress gets to all of us and we all deal with it differently.  I don't freak out and throw things but I have in one of my worst moments ripped a cook a new ***hole (interestingly enough  our former KS in his last days of working for us) in front of the entire crew.  I swear they just don't get how much is riding on the person who is running the kitchen.


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During one flip out I had, years ago, I went to kick what I thought was an empty box.  It was a case of 15 dozen eggs.  Being on the floor I figured it was empty.  I was wrong and sent eggs flying everywhere!!!!  It was a beautiful sight until I had to clean it up!
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Pete, that's too funny!  I can see the eggs going everywhere and they are definitely a pain to clean up!
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I'm not much of a yelling cook but I think I get the crazy-eyes. A waiter once came behind my line and took a plate before it was up in the pass. I said "Hey!" He looks at me. I say "NEVER came behind my line again and take food, got it?" Cue crazy eyes. Waiter: "What did you say?" Me: "Never. Come. Behind. My. Line. Again. And. Take. Food."The owner had a talk with me about not being a team player a couple of days later.
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When I was a server, I threw a loaded tray at the chef who was expediting.  Like flying eggs in a post above, it felt really good at the moment, but I still remember the new server jumping over the plates skittering across the floor.  On the drive home,  I kept thinking I may have hurt someone and was going to be arrested.  Stupid, stupid move, but he deserved it.../img/vbsmilies/smilies/redface.gif   I still have a bit of a temper, but I go downstairs or leave the kitchen for a few minutes. I always hated working for anyone who yelled or threw things. 
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I hate it when servers take food from the pass before we sell the bills.  It came to a head in the spring when the KM had a freak out on a few servers and the next day we had a management meeting to discuss our "communication problems" betoweek the kitchen and FOH. I told them straight up that the biggest problem is the fact that servers take food down from the window for their own tables without asking expo if it is ok to take it.  Then when the time comes for us to sell bills some food is missng and that sets everyone back.  If it's during the week and they ask me if they can take it, I'm fine with that.. at least I know where the stuff is but on busy weekend day they need to wait before they touch anything. 

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Just called NBC to give them an idea for a new food show called Flip Out Chef. Its about a chef who not

only get angry but throws shit around the kitchen and beats up contestants who are aspiring to become

Executive Chefs at his newly opening restaurant. They are interested if their lawyers can find away around

wrongful death and physical injury suits. How funny would a pot of boiling paste being thrown at someones

face be or the crazy chef slapping the side of a contestant's head with a pan of over done shallops. The show

would be the three stooges on steroid. Crossing my fingers.
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