Ever hire a friend or try to get one a job where you work?

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the only time this has happened for me was hiring someone who i became good friends with while working together for a couple of years. it worked out well.

my current job needs a cook and i know a couple of people that need or want new jobs. i haven't known these people long. i've only lived here for a year and a half. the problem is we have never cooked together professionally. there has been some cooking at home and a lot of bs talking from them about previous jobs, where they've worked and what they've done.

but what if they actually suck or just don't have the chops? plus you would have to see them ALL THE TIME.

or the other way around...

ever worked for a friend or have one offer you a job when you wanted or needed a new one?
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I worked along side a friend I had met during a stint in a college food service company.

We worked well together and I thought he'd make a great addition to my kitchen staff  when I went to a banquet facility as the Exec. Chef.

I offered him a position in my kitchen as a prep cook and he accepted.

6 months down the road he had to quit because the work was too hard. WDF!!!

I didn't understand the difference between cooking 3 meals a day for 10,000 students or cooking for 4 weddings totaling 3,000 people on a busy Saturday night, but heh.....who am I?

I guess I was under the mis understanding that this guy really wanted to work in a kitchen and had the passion. As it turned out I found out he'd quit because he couldn't take multiple breaks the way he could at the college.

My thoughts are........be very very careful when asking a "friend" to work for or with you.
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once in the kitchen - you have no friends. I have gotten jobs for friends and family ,the only one I would hire again is my sister. She also understands once in the kitchen that you have no friends. there is the Chef, his/her right hand and everybody else. Like chickens in a coop you just know what the pecking order is and follow directions. I have told everyone I have gotten a job if they don't have the chops I won't try and save thier job so look sharp and get to it.
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Mixed results.

Hired a friend who turned out exactly as expected.

Hired another who stood around talking all day.

I had worked with both before and knew their capabilities, so I was surprised at the actions of the second.

In this field, most of my friends are people I've worked with.

So there's a professional familiarity there.

It comes down to the individuals character as to whether they will have the mindset of "I do not want to let Jim down" or "Jim's my friend, I can goof off and get away with it".

Hard to tell in advance if you've never seen the second mindset from them in the past.

I went up to Portland and helped a friend cater a wedding.

Worked in his kitchen a few days doing prep, then did the event.

He commented that I was running circles around his staff.

I don't think it was expereince, it was the mindset of "I'm here to work and I'm going to do all that I can".

Besides, doesn't everyone work their ass off on vacation?

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I did it once and instantly regretted it.  This friend and I had worked on charity events together and when we needed help at the cafe I thought of him.. bad move.. his work ethic left alot to be desired and honestly I didn't expect that from him at all.  I apologized to the cafe owners about it, and he ended up quitting within his first three months. 

My husband has gotten friends jobs at his studio and it's been a fairly good experience for him for the most part.  He does notice the difference in work ethic from person to person and he even said to one friend that he was telling him this as a friend but he needs to pick up his socks or he will find himeself out of work, and well, the friend didn't pick up his socks and he is currently looking for a new job.
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i had mixed results. when i worked at red lobster and they hired my friend is was good at first but then went bad. we are still good friends and share laughs all the time. i only recommend anyone that i know will do fine and i tell them to make sure they work well. i have told a few people about the place i started working at besides my current job but only the ones i know that can handle it. its wierd and can back fire at you.


Worked in a very unconventional Italian place and they needed a line cook. They asked "do you know of anyone from that fancy school you go to who needs a job?" I said I'll check. They hired him and he was gone in a week. That was the last time I did or will do that.

I was looking for a job and a past co-worker referred me to a place that he said he was working for, and the first statement out of the Chef's mouth was "I never heard of the guy". I still haven't figured that one out. I did well there until the Chef got fired and the new Chef hired her out of work relative and I was out the door.
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