Ever have one of those days in the kitchen?

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    One of those days where that little kitchen gnome Murphy seemed to be lurking in and around every corner? One of those days when staying in bed was safer? When you did more harm than good?
    My 'Murphy day' started when the hasps on two springform pans full of cheesecake filling unbuckled AFTER being filled......my day continued it's downward spiral from there ending when my chin tried stopping a sheet pan full of freshly baked loaves of banana bread being pulled from a convection oven that made me finally just cry 'uncle', pick up my jacks and go home where it was safe.....thank god for 'fetal Mondays'!!!!!!
    So it goes.....


    p.s. In the end the cheesecakes were fine, but not without some serious Jerry rigging.....
    alto sham, masking tape and prayers!!!!
    This is merely a rhetorical rant......
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    I had one Saturday. My 20 month old son was sick, so I got roughly 3 hours sleep, then went to work at 10am, the head chef didn't come in til 12:30 (service started at 12, luckily the sous chef was on the pass). My section didn't get setup properly because another chef was using my section and didn't move until the first order came in, so I got yelled at when the head chef came in, then the starter breads weren't coming out quickly enough, so I got yelled at again, then my oysters were falling over under the salamander, and on the plate, spreading sauce everywhere. Then break came, I felt good about going back, I thought I could go through and finish service well. nope. half way through I felt light-headed, tingling everywhere, couldn't stand up at all, and even then I had to clean the floors, larder and desserts all by myself because I messed up the night before. Glad to see I've now had 3 days off, and I feel 150%.