ever feel burnout?

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    It's been a 5 month vacation for me. Really watched what company I go to this time. I'm getting out of the fine dining and took a job in a corporate setting. Where benefits are way better. I stepped down as an executive chef to executive sous chef to hopefully get more time with the kiddos and wife. I've never worked for corporate! Is this gonna be a good change? Are my expectations going to be to high for my staff being such a fine dining background. I just want this to be a good experience. Good advice from anyone would be great!
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    Depends.on the corporation and their expectations. Some demand a lot of work. Of course, it depends on the property, too. Depending on who your working for, there may be more or less cooking, and more or less(or no) menu writing. There are good things and bad things everywhrre, but kitchen work is kitchen work. Don't expect people to have the same standards as you when you start. Take a look around and see what needs to improve, but i always say, pick your battles. You're the chef, so it's your call, but, my biggest issue was always that a plethora of management meant that someone who didn't like what i told them could go to someone else and grt a different answer.
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    Boy do I admire this one.

    I like it when someone sees the whole picture of their life ahead and takes action.

    Chef Reginald you are going to be subjected to a whole different adventure.

    The production of food is all relative whether it be cafeteria style or sit down white tablecloth.

    I'm sure you are well aware of the differences, but suffice to say your biggest challenge will be organization of your personnel.

    My best advise would be to simply watch and learn for a while. See who your strong people are and keep an good eye on those slackers.

    Helping Chef is your main priority.

    If this is a union shop, read the employee manual backwards and forwards and use it each and every day.