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Back in my wasted youth, I worked as a short order cook, a line cook and a dishwasher.  These days, I earn my money leading a R&D group in the technology world.  I still cook however.  In addition to keeping a smile on the faces of my family and friends, I do occasional (8-10 a year) events.  A typical event might have 60 to a few hundred guests.  I'm really good on soups and gumbo but also enjoy outdoor cooking.  I'm the go-to guy for hog roasts in my community. 

I showed up here looking for an answer to a specific question but found a community that seems to be friendly,  positive and focused on food.  I'm planning to stick around.


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Welcome TallyCast. Great that you got the experience of cooking on a line. It really teaches you so many things about being organized and focusing on the task at hand. Really can prepare you for so many other tasks in life.

Please enjoy the forums.

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