European Style Margarine lmao!

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I've noticed this product creeping up more and more in restaurants, but know nothing about it other than it's hysterical, Pretty sure most of Europe HATES margarine. Is it just trying to sound fancy? Only difference I can find between it and margarine is that it contains some real butter.

Just something I've found very odd, and a practice I don't care for.
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I haven't seen it yet but I agree that it sounds pretty funny. Marketing would seem to be the only real difference. 
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For whatever reason, this is a term that's been around for a long time. About ten years ago I was working at a place where we made this, whipping butter and marge together, and when I mentioned it to an older cook I met somewhere, he said, "Oh, yeah, european style."
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Its common here in the Nordic countries. In Sweden under the brand names Bregott, Lätta, Flora, ect ect.
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My baker uses it in her pie crusts and cookies. They're amazing so I don't question. I've stolen a few blocks for roux in the past.
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