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    Dijon, the capital of wine country in Burgundy has been renowned for its wonderful cuisine and wine since the days of its roistering royalty. I have encountered, nothing has changed.

    Dijon has been a gastronomic haven since the medieval era, when the hedonistic pleasure seeking dukes, lords and earls of Burgundy desired fine noble nosed red wines and Bourguignon cuisine to fuel their royal palates.

    The good news is that it is all still there in Dijon today...

    Just south of the city, amid the wineyards of the Côtes de Nuit, the impacting Chateau of Gilly presides over the wine producing hamlets and villages stretching for kilometres around.

    Meeting Chef Jean Alain Poitevin´s rustic country cuisine, which arrives in liberal portions. Firstly, there is snails a La Bourguignonne served off shell, had been braised for hours and were delectably tender.

    The Cep Mushrooms sautéed in shallot tips and the foie with stewed fresh figs, are staples in this region.

    The renowned dish of this region is the Charolais Beef which arrived at the table over 5 centimetres thick, juicy, tender and rare with its marrow bond split open alongside ...

    I am not much a red meat eater, however, I do make exceptions ... and this naturally raised beef was to die for ...

    He also prepared a tasting with a brilliant twist on Cassoulet, a delectabe succulent Pork Lion and freshly roasted chestnuts for texture ...

    Furthermore, like many of the venues in Dijon, the Chefs utilise the region´s most well known export, Maille Mustard ... Chef Poitevin had whisked it into a thick, silky, piquant sauce for a veal dish he was preparing ...

    Now to the southeast side of town, Chef Stephane Derbord, who has 1 Michelin Star for 15 years and is known for his vanguard cutting edge menus ..


    1) Bistro des Halles

    2) Boutique Maille

    3) Cassis Védrenne - The Black Currant Boutique

    4) Restaurant Chateaux de Gilly

    5) Central Market Les Halles

    6) Au Parrain Généreux Chocolate Shop

    7) Bakery Rose de Vergy

    8) Chef Stéphane Derbord - Restaurant Stéphane Derbord

    Lovely small city steeped profoundly in history ...


    Margaux Cintrano