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I'm curious, has Escolar returned to your area. It seems to be everywhere I go. It is probably the most ordered fish in the top restaurants here. The chefs seem to be following the FDA's suggestion. I've only seen it in small portions. Some warn you and some don't. I don't order it because there is that little guy in the back of my head warning.
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Some of the lesser sushi restaurants here in CT serve it as 'white tuna'. Small portion or not, I have no interest in seeing how much my digestive system can handle. There are plenty of other delicious, safe fish to eat.
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Reason Escolar is so popular is price. It is probably  the cheapest fish you can buy. Years ago Tilapia was  the same thing. Only difference is Tilapia does not give you the  runs , or bother your intestines. I would avoid it.
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