Epazote - what to do with it?

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I was given an herb kit as a gift and one of the varieties included is Epazote. I cook with herbs often but this is a new one for me. Any ideas on what to do with this? Any recipes? It's growing like a weed and I haven't yet turned up any enticing ideas for it.

Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions!
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It's fairly common in Mexican food.

One thing you can do with it. Add some of the dried herbs next time you cook beans. It helps dissolve the indigestible carbohydrates that cause flatulance.
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Epazote in canned beans is good. Epazote in properly-cooked dried beans (which is what KYHeirloomer meant, I think) is excellent. Epazote with properly-cooked black beans is fabulous --- and when you "refry" those beans, they will absolutely kick your butt.
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Epazote is the stink weed.

I use it when cooking dried black beans.  You can use it in salsas, etc too.  Just don't use too much of it.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to try some of these ideas over the weekend!
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